November 21, 2022

Carbon reduction printing
Carbon reduction printing

Carbon reduction printing


In the autumn edition of Your Co-op Travel members’ magazine there was specific emphasis placed on sustainability and carbon reduction printing. This edition introduced its members to a number of carbon reduction and charity partners, along with all the amazing ways that you can see the world and make your trips more sustainable.


We have a firm ambition to be one of the UK’s most environmentally friendly Marketing and Print Providers.

Working with Co-op Travels’ Agency, Red C, we were commissioned to review the print and mailing processes involved in the production process and make recommendations on the most sustainable practices.


Following our review process, we were commissioned to print and mail the magazine, applying all of our recommendations.

Having held Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) Chain of Custody Certification for several years, we ensured all print items were produced on FSC stock. FSC sets the standard for responsible forest management.

In addition to this, we adopted a supply chain member certified by the World Land Trust. This Carbon Balanced Paper scheme is a credible solution enabling companies and organisations to reduce the environmental impacts of their paper-based media and communications.

Further measures included the use of vegetable-based inks and water-based UV coatings as opposed to plastic laminates.


At Propack, our primary focus is decarbonisation and reducing our impact on the environment, supporting carbon reduction printing.

Working with our partners, we have created an environment where all companies are aligned in their direct mail marketing goals to have a sustainable and responsible supply chain.

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