November 18, 2022


Parkinson’s UK recently made a commitment to double their funding for research by investing £22 million in developing new and better treatments by the end of 2021, and legacy appeal mailing was an important part of realising this ambition.

Propack was approached by Parkinson’s UK to pitch for their Legacy Appeal Mailing activity to help them realise this goal.

As the communication was coming directly from the Chief Executive, a great emphasis was placed on making it a highly personalised message appealing directly to would-be donors.

What we did

To achieve this feel, Propack decided the mail pack needed to include a significant amount of personalisation including:

  • Personalised salutation and ‘ask’ amounts linking directly from Parkinson’s UK donor data.
  • Extensive use of hand-written fonts.
  • Good old-fashioned stamps. Applying actual live stamps allowed us to use a handwritten font, whilst still achieving significant postage discounts. This overcame the restriction associated with ‘Digital Stamps’ of using a limited selection of ‘machinable’ fonts.


The number of processes involved and urgent nature of the legacy appeal mailing campaign posed a number of challenges. Despite this, by following a detailed schedule we were able to produce the mailing on time and on budget. Following a highly successful release of 20,000 mail packs we have subsequently been commissioned to produce a further 30,000.

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