November 18, 2022

Database GDPR regulations


Royal Trinity Hospice is the oldest hospice in the UK, providing end-of-life care throughout South London. They wanted to find ways of re-engaging supporters and to refresh their memory on ways to be involved with the charity whilst bringing their database in line with GDPR regulations.

What we did

  • Developed and produced a straightforward interactive survey pack to mail to a supporter base of 39,000, cutting through the noise of GDPR communications and ensuring database GDPR regulations compliance
  • Created multiple versions of the letter to communicate effectively to different segments of our client’s database.
  • Solved the challenge of being able to produce the personalised, extended concertina-fold survey – only one of four print suppliers to be able to achieve this.


The outcomes of the mail pack as a means of re-engaging supporters were slightly unexpected, and very successful.

  • 4500 responses or related interactions received as a result.
  • £22k in direct donations.
  • £5k one-off donation from a lapsed supporter.
  • 102 Supporter information requests (Relating to: volunteering 23, memory giving 16, legacy 17, regular giving 11).
  • Average gift of £72.
  • Pack doubled as a Welcome Pack for new supporters and in shops.


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