November 18, 2022

Direct mail campaign

Direct Mail Campaign

Go Outdoors is an established and well recognised brand in field of outdoor activities – we had been working with them on a range of Direct Mail campaign activities when they asked us to become involved in their nationwide online ordering system.

The complex system exists to supply administrative stock and advertising collateral to Go Outdoors Retail Stores – 60+ across the UK. Go Outdoors needed a new partner to work with on this project and asked Propack to step into the breach. We love a challenge and this certainly was one!


To avoid disruption to Go Outdoors business, the new system needed to be up and operational within 10 days, so we quickly:

  • Identified a Project Manager within our team who worked closely with senior Go Outdoors Managers to map out the project requirements.
  • Built a complete online Storefront system, incorporating personalised ordering for all Go Outdoors branches in the UK; allowing staff to log in and brand items to specific stores.
  • Established efficient systems for ordering, picking, packing and distribution.
  • Catalogued and uploaded the huge range of items required from the online ordering system; photographing, numbering and collating descriptions.


Despite the huge challenge, Go Outdoors were able to trial use of their new system within a 14 day period. Orders from their UK stores began to flood in and we stepped up to the task of weekly print-on-demand, dispatches and invoicing.


At Propack, our primary focus is decarbonisation and reducing our impact on the environment.

Working with our partners, we have created an environment where all companies are aligned in their direct mail marketing goals to have a sustainable and responsible supply chain.

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