April 21, 2019


Having established a highly successful Direct Mail Lead Generation programme over several years, we were asked to create a Partially Addressed Campaign for our client.

What we did

Propack’s data team analysed the client’s previous success in certain areas. From this we were able to generate a prospect hotspot map. In order to further define the prospect areas, we analysed postcode areas where our client had experienced multiple successes. The further analysis allowed us to select a prospect database of 30,000 records. These contained no personal data capable of identifying individuals.


Propack analysed our client’s previously successful Direct Mail campaigns in order to develop a similar pack format. This control pack was combined with the new database of 30,000 Partially Addressed Mail prospects. This saved 20% on the postage, compared to the equivalent personalised mail product and was eligible to mail on Propack’s Ethical Mail® Partially Addressed service.

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