November 18, 2022

Direct mail marketing campaign

Direct mail marketing campaign

Auto Trader are the leading UK experts in the field of second hand car retail and a known and trusted brand. However they wanted to increase awareness of their status as a supplier of new vehicle stock by utilising a personalised direct mail marketing campaign through their network of dealerships and support retailers in advertising and managing new stock to maximise sales.

Following the success of previous mailings, Auto Trader approached Propack to help devise and design an eye-catching DM pack using Propack’s Ethical Mail postage brand, as its values aligned well with Auto Trader’s stated policy of ethical dealing and responsibility.

What we did

  • Devised and designed a novel format personalised direct mail pack
  • Designed a ‘sales-strategy’ brochure packed full of statistics and sales messages to support sales teams.
  • Collated digital resources for presentation onto an eyecatching key drive.
  • Digitally printed all elements, collated and fulfilled packs and mailed on Ethical Mail postage brand.


The mailing came together into a striking and informative pack and Auto Trader’s campaign was so successful that Propack were asked to replicate it to cater for the needs of retailer customers.

At Propack, our primary focus is decarbonisation and reducing our impact on the environment.

Working with our partners, we have created an environment where all companies are aligned in their direct mail marketing goals to have a sustainable and responsible supply chain.

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