November 18, 2022

Partially addressed mail


Stagecoach wanted to encourage trial of their bus services in Irvine and Kilmarnock. We were commissioned by Stagecoach’s Media Agency to help them undertake an acquisition campaign at a very local level – Propack chose the medium of Partially Addressed Mail to achieve this.


  • Create a highly targeted Direct Mail campaign within the immediate residential areas of the various bus routes.
  • Create a DM piece that would create a sense of association, familiarity and relevance by including a map to each recipients’ nearest bus stop.
  • Capture users’ email addresses and ‘Opt ins’ by including a voucher or a ‘free fare’ which incorporated a unique registration number and area.


  • Propack’s data team were able to identify postcodes and target locations using the GPS coordinates of the bus stops to generate a Partially Addressed data list containing circa 25,000 recipients.
  • Variable Maps were generated using the same GPS coordinates – pinpointing the nearest Bus Stop to each recipients’ residence (circa 200 variable maps).
  • The final stages of the asset generation included assigning Unique Registration Nos and producing QR codes.
  • Using the compiled suite of assets (Artwork, Addresses, Maps and URNs) we constructed fully variable print files and printed the mail pieces digitally within our own production facility.
  • Mailing on our Ethical Mail Partially Addressed service we were able to offer our clients a 20% saving on the postage*.

* Saving against equivalent personalised mail product.

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