Strategic direct mail campaign
Strategic direct mail campaign

Strategic direct mail campaign


Sky Bet came to us needing a solution for their new strategic direct mail campaign, they wanted to reactivate customers who had previously played with them but hadn’t for the last 2 years. Their intention was reactivating customers on the previous games played – the analysis outcome window was to be four weeks from the mailing land date.

What we did

Propack created a mailing that was a fully personalised sliding graphic, in a novel interactive format. The mailing was split by two cells across a 30,000 customer base.


The campaign achieved incremental margin of almost £30k after 4 weeks, which was significant enough to outweigh the associated DM cost and ‘to cash’ value of the offer.

The campaign didn’t just create further profit on the specific game targeted, the customer also played on other games (allowing the company to cross sell other brands) creating a further £59k profit, demonstrating the value of reactivating customers.


At Propack, our primary focus is decarbonisation and reducing our impact on the environment.

Working with our partners, we have created an environment where all companies are aligned in their direct mail marketing goals to have a sustainable and responsible supply chain.Get in touch to discover how we can support you.

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