Interactive mail solutions

KCOM – an award-winning full fibre broadband provider, is one of the longest-established providers of communications services in the UK, connecting both businesses and residential customers and investing in better digital solutions for everyone.


Having worked together for a number of years, Propack were approached by KCOM to produce an innovative direct mail campaign.

The focus of the campaign was to acquire new Broadband customers with attractive introductory rates.

The brief was simple, to create a mail piece with standout that would achieve a high open rate.


Utilising our advanced digital print and folding/gluing capabilities, we created an interactive mail piece incorporating a zip perforation.

The premise being, the zip perforation would create sufficient intrigue to encourage the recipient to open the mailing.

Propack were also able to include an integrated QR Code to encourage site visits, bridging the offline to online customer journey.


At Propack, our primary focus is decarbonisation and reducing our impact on the environment.

Working with our partners, we have created an environment where all companies are aligned in their direct mail marketing goals to have a sustainable and responsible supply chain.

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