In response to the All-New Vauxhall Mokka launch, we wanted to communicate the Vauxhall retailer network with an enhanced ‘Launch Event’ offering to drive a B2B marketing campaign, providing an experience for customers wanting to see the new model in showrooms.

As part of this communication, we decided to reflect on how best to garner engagement. We opted to send out a sachet of Mocha attached to an A5 postcard with detail of our offering.


We suggested a premium envelope, as close to the launch vehicle colour; a bright green – an eye-catching aspect to bring this B2B marketing campaign to life.

Feedback from the communications was key, with the Group Marketing Manager at Vauxhall marvelling at the creative concept and execution.


Propack provided several envelope options, including a Metallic Green bubble lined envelope, sure to create an impact. We then discussed the best way to tack the Mocha sachets to the artwork, in a specific location as per the artwork.

The mailing was printed, fulfilled, hand assembled and dispatched in record time, by Propack.

Hitting key contacts within the Vauxhall retail division, Rhino secured numerous sales of our vehicle launch stages following the B2B marketing campaign.

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