September 18, 2020


Charles Tyrwhitt Shirts Limited (also known as CT Shirts) is a British multi-channel men’s clothing retailer specialising in dress shirts, as well as ties, suits, casualwear, shoes and accessories. It was founded as a mail order company in 1986. We have provided print and direct mail services to CT Shirts for a number of years through their appointed Print Management company.


For a number of years, CT Shirts had run a successful Nursery programme issuing Welcome Letters to new customers.

Propack were challenged with reviewing the production process. Previously, generic letters were litho printed in bulk and subsequently laser printed with name and address details. Whilst this was a cost-effective process, it lacked sophistication and restricted the opportunities to make the mailers more personal to the recipient in terms of: Offer, Suggested products and Advertised products.


Following a full process review, the Welcome Letters are now digitally printed in full colour, on demand. This allows for artwork and copy changes on the fly.

As a means of increasing interaction we also digital print voucher cards which we matt laminate, die cut and tip on to the face of the letter.

Further development is underway to allow a fully data-driven workflow solution which will allow each piece to be tailored to the recipient with imagery relevant to purchase history, variable copy, and promotional products.

Utilising our print-on-demand offering, CT Shirts are also able to operate a zero-waste programme – we only print what is required. We are successfully producing and despatching an average of 6000 mail packs per week both within the UK and overseas.

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