As we start counting down to Christmas, Black Friday and the subsequent Cyber Monday are right around the corner, which makes it the perfect time to share our Black Friday direct mail tips.

This year, the infamous shopping holiday falls on the 25 November, perfectly positioned to kick off the Christmas shopping period. But is your Black Friday direct mail campaign prepared for the rush? Are you ready to grapple with your competition to deliver the best deals out there and have your voice heard above the noise?

Brand awareness

One of the best ways to encourage your customer base to purchase from you is with a Black Friday deal, but chances are your average customer already knows what they want ahead of Black Friday.

One study found that over half of shoppers start planning their purchases well ahead of the Black Friday weekend, with up to 12% of shoppers starting to think about it as early as the summer.

To make your mark and draw in a sale, you need to be flagging up ahead of time that you’re running deals, what your offer is, and how the customer can benefit from what you’re offering.


With the digital shift over the last few years, competition is fiercer than ever to grab the attention of your customers and offer them a better deal than your competitors. But regardless of whether your business sells in-store, online or both, Black Friday direct mail is a great way of signalling what it is you’re planning to offer and getting in there first with exclusive discounts and a standout campaign.

Stand out from the crowd

Nothing is more direct than direct mail! We can help you design, produce and distribute mail that is personalised, unique, clear and concise. Your customer base will understand exactly what your Black Friday deals are, and you may be one of the few brands using Black Friday direct mail to reach out, which makes a strong impression and gives a physical piece of advertising to hold on to.

You could even use a QR code on a piece of direct mail to integrate your campaign with your digital presence, driving sales wherever your customer best prefers. Two birds, one stone.


If you’re looking for Black Friday direct mail tips to create a campaign that’s even more effective, we can help you use targeted advertising to reach out with the right content. Our work with Virgin Wines saw a targeted advertising campaign that utilised customers’ purchase history to provide them with discount codes for products they already had an interest in.

We can offer you the same sort of personal touch to find the perfect selling point for your customers. If this sounds like the solution you need to set up your Black Friday mailings, get in touch with our team today!

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