The print-on-demand sector has experienced unprecedented growth over the past few years and it’s easy to see why – it presents an opportunity to create unique and customisable products that can be sold online effortlessly, but what role can bespoke brochures play?

It’s a particularly attractive option to marketers, due to the associated cost and time efficiencies, the sustainable production techniques, not to mention the creative freedom it allows to create marketing materials such as brochures, leaflets and business cards.

Printing on-demand not only adds flexibility into your print marketing, but it can become a personalised experience for your customers too, due to the freedoms of being able to print exactly what you need, only when you need it. When done right, print-on-demand can be a powerful marketing tool to help businesses reach new audiences and boost sales.
Here at Propack, one of our key offerings is print-on-demand brochures. Let’s take a look at the benefits of investing in this marketing tactic.

What are the benefits?

Printing bespoke brochures on-demand means that you can offer a fully bespoke mail piece to each individual recipient. Printing this way means less up-front investment in inventory and zero waste, as only what is needed gets printed thanks to digital printing technologies. In comparison to traditional large volume litho printing, this method is becoming much more attractive to marketers, regardless of their sector.

It is also a more cost-effective option when compared to larger run brochure prints, due to lower set-up costs, and allows for reduced postage costs due to brochures being less bulky. The customer receives only the content that they want to see, making the marketing material highly targeted.

To further minimise our environmental impact, at Propack we incorporate sustainable production methods using water-based inks, environmentally friendly presses and our own postage brand, Ethical Mail®.

Printing on-demand allows for content updates to be made as and when required, quickly and efficiently. Having the ability to update content and artwork when needed means that unwanted, surplus stock becomes a distant memory. Giving customers the freedom to create a brochure bespoke to them, personalising it with their name, details and interests can do wonders for brand loyalty.
Talking directly to your customers in this manner can result in higher levels of customer satisfaction, which, at the end of the day, is what it’s all about!

Case study: TUI


TUI wanted to offer customers more flexibility in brochure choice, reduce wastage of brochure stock and gain better insight on the buying journey through brochures with a clear return on investment.

This was to be achieved by setting up an on-demand brochure solution.


To Following a lengthy review period, Propack were appointed to develop and deliver a Digital and Print-on-Demand Brochure solution.

Our objective was to build a data-driven content managed site – tui.co.uk/brochures, offering multiple delivery channels: Online Flipping Book viewer, Download, Email and Printed copy.

An internal project team was assigned who set about mapping out the entire process from asset supply right through to final mile delivery… and beyond.

Our team spent several weeks developing the site which hosts over 3000 digital assets and includes functionality for automated database updates.

The workflow we have created allows us to take live feeds of orders and send direct to our digital presses and intelligent booklet makers, facilitating real-time order processing.


  • Ability to process a live feed of data and assets to continually manage site content.
  • Allows consumer to create on-demand personalised brochures in multiple formats.
  • Thousands of personalised, camera verified booklets with square edge spines printed and mailed each week.
  • Automated scheduled email survey following brochure requests.
  • Several hundred retailer accounts created for use in-store.
  • A project on this scale would typically take 6-12 months – we achieved it in 3 months.

Visit tui.co.uk/brochures to order your bespoke brochure today.

Printweek Awards – Innovation of the Year

In recognition of the ground breaking nature of this project, we were delighted to win Innovation of the Year at the Printweek awards.

TUI’s Head of Content, Claire Dormer, said:

“Propack’s innovative solution has transformed our brochure marketing, allowing us to track, quantify and increase the value of brochures, reduce wastage and gain greater insights. Our customer engagement has improved, by providing an inspirational, personalised experience that can be delivered through digital or print. We are thrilled with the results.”

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