We were thrilled to have received such extensive coverage in the recent edition of Manufacturing Today, following the work we do with Moonpig.

“Propack Direct Mail are a highly regarded and established business offering an extensive range of print, direct mail and communications services.

Their dynamic approach enabled them to react quickly and develop an operational solution for Moonpig within 5 days, a process that could typically take several months. Not only did this solve the challenges Moonpig were facing during the pandemic, it has also provided them with a robust, open-ended solution.

The resulting business partnership allows production volumes to be flexed within one hour to assist with increased unexpected volume. It has also allowed the development team within Propack to come up with innovative new products that have proved to be market-leading.

The relationship is built on solid, ethical business practices and exceptional customer service. Propack consistently exceed the customer expectations in terms of quality and delivery, whilst also ensuring the environmental targets of Moonpig are achieved.”

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