online storefront
online storefront

An online storefront solution is incredibly beneficial for many organisations, providing a digital hub for your users to personalise and order physical products or collateral that is then mailed direct to them, while keeping in line with your branding, messaging and product range.

At Propack, we operate a number of online storefronts (also known as online portals) for our clients, including Go Outdoors, to help them optimise their direct mail and ensure a consistent, efficient process.
But how can an online storefront support your marketing goals and audience engagement strategies? Let’s find out!

How does an online storefront work?

An online storefront works by displaying your products and sales collateral on an engaging and visual digital platform, guiding the user through the process of seamlessly selecting, personalising, ordering and receiving printed materials. Whether the system is used by consumers or an internal team, a storefront can be bespoke to your needs.

Online storefronts can facilitate multiple users, budget assignments, restricted category access, print on-demand functionality and reporting for a range of products, including:

  • Marketing material
  • Clothing and merchandise
  • Stationery
  • Point of Sale collateral
  • Consumables
  • Equipment

Efficiency is key to a successful online storefront, and that’s why our solution gives the store owner the ability to use various payment merchants, set up their own supplier network and view their order progress in real-time.

Our online storefront solution includes full system development and creation, utilising our in-house tech and expertise to build a platform that works for your brand and user journeys.

We have worked incredibly hard as a team to ensure our platform is flexible enough to accommodate your requirements, while drawing on our direct mail expertise to make sure the process, from ordering through to printing and postage, is seamless.

Our process is managed completely in-house, meaning that the digital and print elements work symbiotically to create a smooth process. Check out our demo site to see how it can operate!

Online storefront solutions in practice

Case Study: Christians Against Poverty

Another huge feature is the ability to personalise and proof items in real time. We had great success when implementing this for Christians Against Poverty (CAP). The CAP team came to us looking for an online storefront solution that allowed them to monitor and regulate branding and budgets for their network of over 4,500 coaches.

The CAP coaches make use of printed collateral, including posters, guides and workbooks, to support individuals struggling with financial hardship and personal debt. The coaches run courses and community groups with these materials, meaning that the requirement for personalisation was vital to ensure course dates, topics and locations were accurate for each.

Our team has delivered a solution for CAP which has now seen over 4,500 users successfully onboarded and the development of single sign on (SSL) with full access control of users, helping CAP and its network to remain on brand, on budget and efficient.

How can it help my business?

The key benefits of an online storefront are the controlled spend and brand policing, not to mention the ease of ordering!

Materials can be personalised to suit users’ requirements, but within brand guidelines and messaging restrictions.

These materials can then be printed on demand, eliminating unnecessary pieces being printed and wasted and cutting costs in the process.

If this sounds like the solution you need to boost your marketing, get in touch with our team today!

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