November 29, 2022

Web-to-print services


Christians Against Poverty (CAP) is a registered charity aiming to combat poverty and provide practical and emotional support to those who are struggling with financial hardship and personal debt.

CAP’s network includes approximately 700 remotely-based coaches and over 4,000 through the CAP Money Course. These coaches provide face-to-face appointments with debt clients and run community groups in select venues, such as churches or community centres, to support people in overcoming the issues they’re facing.

The coaches use a bank of materials, including posters, workbooks and information guides to support their work and communicate CAP’s key messages effectively.

While they were previously able to order a limited number of materials, there was no option for personalisation. This required greater head office involvement to fulfil bespoke print requests. Many coaches would produce their own resources, leading to a lack of regulation of key brand elements, including colours, logos and fonts. All of this led to an inconsistent reflection of CAP’s brand and messaging.


CAP wanted to find a supplier who could provide a solution that would resolve these issues and ensure a consistent, clear and accurate representation of their brand, while also being flexible enough to support their vast and varied network of coaches.

Following a competitive pitch process, Propack were appointed to develop and deploy a web-to-print services solution incorporating a print-on-demand storefront with the added capability to personalise and proof printed items in real-time. The solution allows the user to order an extensive range of printed items with fixed designs such as posters and banners; they are able to personalise the items to suit their needs with information such as names, locations and times of the courses they are running.

In addition to this print on-demand element, Propack also provide a storage solution, holding stock in its warehouse facility. This means that every aspect of the project is under one roof, giving the end user the ability to place an order one day and receive every element of it the next day.

The entire process – from placement of the order to the creation of personalised collateral to the fulfilment – is automated. This includes the setting of access permissions on the online store; users can only see products they require, depending on their role and what course they run, for example, Job Clubs, Debt Centre, Life Skills.

Each user is assigned an annual budget by CAP to spend on their resources. Again, this is all controlled within the Propack storefront.


Propack have now delivered a web-to-print services solution for CAP which has seen over 4,500 users successfully onboarded.

Further developments have included the use of single sign on (SSL) which allows CAP users to access the system using their existing login details. Not only does this benefit the users, it allows CAP to maintain full access control of their users.

CAP is now able to enjoy the benefits of a solution that delivers several thousand collateral orders per year, on time, on brand and on budget.

“We’d had a previous relationship with Propack who supply our fundraising direct mail, print and postage. We knew we needed to improve the situation with our field user requirements and had set out a wish list – it has been fantastic that Propack have been able to achieve our requirements and so much more.

“All our users have differing requirements, and so being able to assign and manage budgets for each user in the Propack storefront is a huge benefit to us.”

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