February 21, 2022


Our client is a full service creative agency working with a family-owned Home Builder in the east of Yorkshire. Their challenge was to better publicise the Home Builder’s Sales Events, aiming to increase sales of homes on their new developments. Previously, flyers had been hand delivered to only a small number of local households, so our client had persuaded them to undertake a Partially Addressed Mail campaign on a much larger scale, targeting without personal data.

What we did

Propack’s data analysts took the Postal Sectors relevant to two new housing developments, targeting households at a geo-demographic level and look-a-like households – generating mailing lists of 10,000 and 25,000 respectively.

In conjunction with our agency client, Direct Mail campaigns were then developed, mailing the week prior to encourage those residents to attend their preferred Sales Event. The Home Builder benefited from the discounts associated with Partially Addressed Mail compared to Advertising Mail.


The end client was extremely pleased with the effect of the campaign, which resulted in significantly improved Sales Events through targeting without personal data.

Summarised below:

  • A healthy turnout at the first event… despite the arrival of Storm Dennis!
  • Many attendees brought their DM pieces, citing them as the reason for attending.
  • A second event followed with a 3% turnout and an impressive 25 homes sold on the day!
  • The client stated they would never again do an event without utilising this kind of Direct Mail campaign.

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