December 21, 2020


Partnering with our client, a leading automotive marketing agency, we were tasked with converting invitations for prestige car sales events.

Generating leads and attendees for a prestige sales event in the premium car sector requires a deep understanding of the target audience and what drives them to consider these cars. This is where our established experience is called upon.


The challenge was to create an innovative, intriguing and premium mail pack targeting customers of premium brands, with the exclusive offer of an invite to a prestige sales event.

Exclusivity is a key motivator for customers in this sector. The mail pack needed to portray this sense of exclusivity.


Following a series of trials and identifying a number of our specialist print and finishing techniques we were able to come up with the finished product.

Using our ability to die-cut we created a wallet with soft touch laminate, creating a premium finish with instant impact.

For the personalised invite, we introduced both gold and silver, this enhanced the impact with customers by making it stand out from standard DM formats. Ultimately the packs created a feeling that the customers were valued.

The inclusion of the Premium Card further reinforces to customers that they are highly valued by receiving a fully personalised individual Premium Loyalty Card. Not only does the Card give access to the Event they can also keep it with them throughout their entire customer journey with each dealership.

Our client successfully delivers hundreds of Automotive Sales events each year, achieving a sales-to-appointment ratio in excess of 60%.

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