December 21, 2020


Propack approached Joe Browns Mail Order company with a concept to create a personalised direct mail campaign for one of their customer loyalty schemes. We discovered that all customers receive an email on their birthday, with a voucher included to redeem online. Our suggestion was to run a test alongside the email, using a fully personalised direct mail piece that aimed to achieve a better response rate.

What we did

We worked with their studio to create a birthday card, voucher and envelope, creating artwork which could be fully personalised and variable dependent on the customer’s previous history. The aim was to drive loyalty and increase traffic to the Joe Browns website, boosting orders. The campaign was initially rolled out to a 50 / 50 split amongst email and DM.


Joe Browns achieved a significant increase in response rate from customers who received their personalised birthday card. Those customers only receiving the emailed birthday voucher drove slightly higher average order values (AOVs) but this was attributed to their lower response rates overall. Increased response rates from the DM birthday card cell far outweighed the variance in AOV.

With the results performing so well, Joe Browns increased the quantity of the DM to 20 / 80 split. This has also become an ongoing project for Propack, with mailings being released to customers twice a month.

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