Propack’s RISO printers have arrived!

New RISO ‘Intelligent Inkjets’ will lead the way in transactional print!

Propack’s new RISO GD9630 printers arrived on Friday and were quickly installed and brought up to speed! We’re excited to find out how they can revolutionise some transactional and statementing jobs.

This process is designed for speed, stability and high-volume production print work. Traditionally jobs like these required pre-printing of litho stock, which would be delivered into Propack and overprinted in black.

The RISO GD9630 works more like a digital printer, in that it prints the whole of the artwork, with the advantages of greater opportunity for personalisation and in colour! Intelligent Inkjet Technology allows each letter/statement or form to be different in creative design AND ROI can be improved by including more specific personalised messages!

Benefits to our clients can include:

  • Increased cash flow – no upfront payment for base stock orders
  • Flexibility – in design and in message as each record can have a different layout not limited by base stock
  • Reduction in mailing lead-times – no need to plan in time to pre-print litho stock
  • Less waste – changes to logos, contact details etc can easily be made to artwork rather than scrapping/reprinting existing base stock

Key features:

  • Increased productivity
  • Ultra-high speed – 160ppm
  • Exceptional reliability
  • High capacity feeder and stacker
  • Cold print process – no paper curl

Key uses:

  • Carrier sheets (Direct Mail)
  • Transpromo (cross selling messages on transactional pieces)
  • Transactional (statements, policies, invoices etc)
  • Hybrid Mail

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