• Programmatic Mail builds on existing relationships, making recipients feel more valued – and more likely to respond.
  • It is always relevant to its recipients – because we know they’ve already shown interest in your content.
  • Base triggered DM campaigns on the anniversary of a previous booking or following a brochure request.
  • The arrival of the mailing prompts reconsideration by the customer.

How does the process work?

Brochure Requests & Triggered DM

Integrating your brochure requests with our automated systems, we’re able to send follow-up DM campaigns when…


A customer visits your website and does not buy or leaves abandoned shopping basket.


This activity triggers an immediate Programmatic Mail response.


We print and mail out a pre-designed, bespoke and personalised DM to that customer.


Digital printing allows for a quick, targeted turnaround, usually within 48 hrs.


The arrival of the DM prompts the customer to revisit your website and place an order.

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