Database Management


Travis Perkins is one of our long standing clients, with over 1,900 branches across the UK and a database of over a million customers. They came to us as data input was proving to be difficult to manage. TP’s in-branch staff
focus predominantly on quick sales in store rather than obtaining quality data from their customers, which would allow their marketing team to use for relevant future communications.

TP were employing 11 staff members to manually cleanse the data files for each individual campaign. As well as this being very time consuming, they were occasionally duplicating their efforts because the cleansed data was not being maintained on a central database.


  • Come up with a more efficient and cost effective solution.
  • Free up the 11 staff members to work in different areas of the business.
  • Speed up the process of keeping the central database up-to-date.


With our data management experience, we were able to come up with a solution: a bespoke workflow that would automate 85% of the process. We now process the full database of records within 24 hours and feed this back into the Travis Perkins system on a weekly basis.

The 11 Travis Perkins staff could be redeployed to other areas of the business, resulting in savings of over £200,000 per annum for our client.