New Supporter Acquisition Campaign


Sue Ryder were facing an end-of-life care crisis.

An ambitious supporter acquisition target was set.

Print was identified as a potential channel, yet previous years’ Door Drop Activity hadn’t delivered the results expected.


Having previously delivered a number of successful campaigns for Sue Ryder, Propack were approached for our thoughts and suggestions.

Following a proposal and review period we were appointed to deliver a Partially Addressed Mail campaign to 80,000 recipients. Our proposal and execution was based around the following:

  • Applying basic premise that new supporters will look like existing supporters.
  • Detailed geo-demographic analysis on existing warm supporters.
    Recommendations made on highest propensity profiles, prospects and locations.
  • Adopting a ‘local look’ approach – identifying relevant prospects within the vicinities of the 7 UK hospices.
  • Following the ‘local look’ approach through to the print by variably printing the relevant hospice logos to create resonance with the audience.
  • Generating mailing address lists (A list of 80k addresses was agreed upon with particular emphasis placed on the Hospices with coinciding media activity).
  • Running in parallel with ‘warm’ activity in order to realise overall cost efficiencies on print and fulfilment.


A highly targeted and effective campaign followed.

  • No of responders – 489
  • Average Gift Value – £60.50
    (140% higher than forecast of £25)
  • Comparison to previous Cold Door Drop Activity –
    Less than a third of the acquisition cost and almost 7x the ROI