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Pushing personalisation
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Following a complete rejuvenation of all direct marketing activity, Jet2 selected Propack to implement a new weapon in its marketing arsenal. Its aim was to re-align Jet2’s direct mail campaign with their email marketing, bringing it up to speed in terms of variability and responsiveness.

The challenge Propack faced was to:

  • Mirror the variability used in the travel provider’s email marketing.
  • Allow data to be more current: extracting it as near as possible to the mail date.
  • Drive an increased response rate.
  • Enable complex variable data printing.
  • Allow re-alignment of Jet2’s direct mail campaign with their email marketing, in terms of variability and responsiveness.

What we did

Working closely with a creative agency, we developed a fully variable one piece mailer. Each mailer was personalised to a recipient based on a wide range of factors including: appetites, previous bookings, destinations, price points, and nearest airports.

Adopting this digital production method allowed us to produce large volume and highly personalised triggered mailings within very short timescales.


This had extremely positive results for our client as demonstrated below:

  • Revolutionised Jet2’s direct mail activity.
  • In excess of 3000 variables used (including imagery).
  • Data extracted 4 days prior to mail date.
  • Increase in response of 9% based on previous campaign.
  • ROI increased by 15%.
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