Die-cut reveal Direct Mail


Our long standing customer had a need to encourage their customers to download the new app that they had created.

We were invited by the marketing team to be involved at the planning stage, to add our experience and expertise around targeted Direct Mail.


To create a piece of Direct Mail that stood out from the usual formats we use for Travis Perkins.


The DM piece needed to have a different look and feel to previous targeted DM we produce, the challenge was to create a piece that was also scalable with production volumes expected to be around 200,000 pieces.

The focus point of the marketing was the App that they had developed, it was agreed that we should build the content around the phone to strengthen the message.

The format we designed was a 6pp A5, with a double panel thickness to create a reveal piece showing a phone screen.

Maximising our in house facilities, we could die-cut and fold / glue at the same time as printing which enabled us to produce large volumes in a short period of time.

Using our digital print capabilities we could personalise the message on the phone with the name, account number and credit limit.

The piece was part of an incredibly successful campaign, contributing to downloads that equated to 60% of the overall target.