What is Partially Addressed Mail?

Partially Addressed Mail (PAM) is a standard addressed advertising mail product. We help our clients to identify prospect customers using sophisticated targeting options without the use of personalised data.

  • We target households using geo-demographics at postcode level
  • We remove Existing customers, so you are not wasting your budget or sending them acquisition material when they are already customers
  • The mailings will be partially addressed to “The Occupant” or a relevant collective name, such as “Fashion Lover”, becoming more attractive to the recipient
  • Because the personal name is not used, it becomes completely GDPR compliant

* A minimum of 10,000 addresses must be mailed

How does the process work?

* or your preferred postage service

How do we target prospect customers?

  • We interrogate your existing customer data to identify customer ‘rich’ postcodes
  • We identify similar customer postcodes using geo-demographic profiling
  • We generate mailing files based on the results of the above
  • Heat maps are generated to allow us to visually identify customer rich areas
  • Undertaking geo-demographic analysis of existing data sets informs us of the highest propensity demographic sets
  • Using this methodology we are able to build highly targeted mailing address lists

Heat Map analysis of client data

Results of geo-demographic profiling on client data

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