Partially Addressed Mail – what can it do for you?

You may have heard the term Partially Addressed Mail (PAM) thats been attracting attention in Direct Mail circles but what is PAM? and how can it be useful to Propack’s existing and potential customers?

Partially Addressed Mail is a standard addressed advertising mail product. It targets prospect customers using sophisticated targeting options that don’t require the use of personalised data so it is GDPR compliant too!

These mailings contain no personal information about the recipient specifically, being partially addressed to the ‘occupant’ or any other relevant collective name such as “Sunseeker” or “Cycling Enthusiast”. These households can be targeted using geo-demographics at postcode level. We cross check against your existing customers, and remove them so you are not wasting your budget or sending them acquisition material when they are already customers.

How can we target prospective customers?

By interrogating your existing customer data, we can identify ‘customer rich’ postcodes. Using geo-demographic profiling we can then identify similar customer postcodes and generate mailing files based on the results.

Why Partially Addressed Mail?

  • No need to purchase costly address lists
  • Ability to target at postcode level and tailor communications to those residents
  • You can save up to 4p per item on the standard letter advertising mail price, or save up to 2p per item on large letters
  • 86% of Partially Addressed Mail is engaged with in some way, from being opened and read to being filed or set aside for later.*

(* Source: Market reach)

Who is using Partially Addressed Mail?

Propack has recently introduced a number of its clients to Partially Addressed Mail – check out Our Work to find out more.