It’s not all about the ink on paper!

Propack Direct Mail… our name says it all, or does it?

We have a unique way of working with our clients. We respond to their requests and requirements certainly, but we also challenge ourselves to look ahead and predict needs that they themselves may not be aware of yet! The last few years has seen a strong trend towards the blending of traditional and cutting edge marketing techniques and it is in these areas that Propack has been able to offer the best value and results to some of our long-standing clients.

Take for example the following:

Virtual Storefront

Allows our business and charity sector customers to sell their branded products online, whilst offering personalisation options. Recent examples include our Centrepoint Virtual Gifts storefront which increased sales of Centrepoint’s personalisable gift cards during Christmas 2019. Propack helped to design the products advising on the personalisation options and developed the storefront interface – customising the front-end and user workflows to improve our client’s user experience and internal processes.

Programmatic Mail

Seamlessly moves from the virtual shopping environment to the time-tested medium of Direct Mail to ensure sales are carried through and not abandoned at the virtual basket stage. Data on customers’ recent online shopping activity is received and processed through our bespoke system, merging it with existing mail piece artwork to personalise, print and mail a reminder to complete the transaction.

Web to Print 

Propack has developed branded portals for clients such as Go Outdoors and Community Fibre, to allow their employees to manage and draw down stock of key items on a branch by branch basis. It allows our clients to amend and order print of their company’s repeat print items such as customer reminders, business cards or property details – through an online portal that can be branded to suit their business – see above for the Go Outdoors system.

Get in touch if you’re planning a project like this and want to know more about how Propack can help you.