Your data is safe with us. We work daily with financial transactional files, electoral roll records and highly sensitive debt recovery files, to name a few. All the data we process is handled with care and sensitivity, irrespective of the customer or industry sector. Our accreditations represent our commitment to data security.

Enhanced Services

As part of our forward-thinking approach, our clients are able to enjoy the benefits of our enhanced services.

By thinking smarter, we are able to increase the performance of our clients’ campaigns and increase revenue.


Ensure your campaigns are targeting the right people, while saving you costs by removing unnecessary records:

  • Goneaways
  • Deceased
  • De-duplication (individual family and household)

Geo Demographic Profiling &
Mapping Services?

  • We interrogate your existing customer data to identify customer ‘rich’ postcodes
  • We identify similar customer postcodes using geo-demographic profiling
  • We generate mailing files based on the results of the above
  • Heat maps are generated to allow us to visually identify customer rich areas
  • Undertaking geo-demographic analysis of existing data sets informs us of the highest propensity demographic sets
  • Using this methodology we are able to build highly targeted mailing address lists

Heat Map analysis of client data

Results of geo-demographic profiling on client data


Partially Addressed Mail (PAM) is a standard addressed advertising mail product. We help our clients to identify prospect customers using sophisticated targeting options without the use of personalised data.

  • We target households using geo-demographics at postcode level
  • We remove Existing customers, so you are not wasting your budget or sending them acquisition material when they are already customers
  • The mailings will be partially addressed to “The Occupant” or a relevant collective name, such as “Fashion Lover”, becoming more attractive to the recipient
  • Because the personal name is not used, it becomes completely GDPR compliant

* A minimum of 10,000 addresses must be mailed

programmatic mail - is this for you?

  • Programmatic Mail builds on existing relationships, making recipients feel more valued – and more likely to respond.
  • It is always relevant to its recipients – because we know they’ve already shown interest in your content.
  • Base triggered DM campaigns on the anniversary of a previous booking or following a brochure request.
  • The arrival of the mailing prompts reconsideration by the customer.

Online ordering portal

Propack develop and operate online portals/storefronts for a number of clients.

Our services include:

  • Full system development and creation using our in-house software and storefront templates
  • User creation
  • Assigning budgets to users
  • Initial product inventory created
  • Print on-demand functionality including the ability to personalise and proof artwork online
  • Reporting
  • Ongoing management such as adding/removing users, adding/removing artwork and products

The main benefits to a storefront are controlled spend and brand policing.

Core documents created with user restrictions, allowing editing to certain areas of the artwork prior to print.

Items printed on demand to prevent upfront postage and wastage.

Physical items can also be added and held for call-off, such as clothing, mugs, POS.


Take a look around our demo storefront and see for yourself!


We are proud to say that compliance is at the forefront of every campaign which involves the use of personal data. You can rest assured that your customer’s data is in safe hands at Propack. We will always conform to UK GDPR policies and we continue to work with BSI to improve our processes, reducing risk where possible, in line with our ISO 27001 certification.

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*Any information captured below is used for contact only. We don’t pass data to 3rd parties or use it for marketing purposes.