Success in ‘Cyber Essentials’ Award for Propack!

Government-backed Security Certification follows rigorous assessment of Propack security processes.

Great news! Propack this week achieved the leading UK Government-backed Cyber Security certification ‘Cyber Essentials’.

Following a rigorous technical assessment of the company’s security processes, platform and people – our IT team were able to provide compelling evidence that demonstrates our security compliance against different cyber risk and threat vulnerabilities.

Managing Director, Jason Clough has pointed out: “Data security is a key element of Propack’s business, Cyber Essentials adds to the portfolio of accreditations, compliance and best practice implemented across our business. Even with our well established ISO27001 certification, Cyber Essentials isn’t a box ticking exercise, it still challenges us to be the best we can be. I’m proud of the commitment of our team to cyber security in everything we do.”

‘Cyber Essentials is a cyber security standard that uses independent third party assessment parties to identify the IT security controls that an organisation needs to have in place to have confidence that they are addressing cyber security effectively and mitigating the risk from internet-borne threats.’

‘An organisation’s technology that is exposed to common cyber-attacks will typically include internet connected computers, such as desktop PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones, along with internet connected servers such as email, web and application servers.’ Cyber Essentials

Why is this great news for our customers?

1. Seeing the whole picture
Our customers can be satisfied that we have conducted a recent review and update of ALL of our IT security policies, assigning clear responsibilities for all areas and establishing time frames for future reviews and updates.

We know that the effects of a ransomware attack or serious data breach could be devastating and we have used ‘Cyber Essentials’ assessment scrutiny to bring to light any vulnerabilities and get our staff and management thinking about the issues.

2. Protecting Against Common Threats
Whilst no security strategy can be 100% successful against cyber threats, our aim is to mitigate the risks as much as possible. Our work within the Cyber Essentials scheme has provided us with a strong base from which to reduce potential risks.

3. Show You We Take Cyber Security Seriously
Cyber Essentials scheme particularly benefits us, and our customers, when working with personal or financial information or sensitive personal data. It demonstrates how seriously we are taking the integrity of customer data and helps build trust with everyone we work with.

4. Bedding in the principles of GDPR 2018
Every organisation processing the personal data of EU citizens must carry out safeguards against data theft, loss and unauthorised access.
Cyber Essentials has been a great way to bed in the important principles of GDPR, demonstrating to the Information Commissioner’s Office that our business has put the right protections and controls in place.

5. Cyber Essentials enables Public Sector/government clients to satisfy their contract obligations
To improve cyber security in its supply chain, the government has decreed it’s suppliers must be compliant with the Cyber Essentials scheme in order to bid for contracts which involve the handling of sensitive information and the provision of data services. Cyber essentials helps us to defend the integrity of government/public sector data but also smoothes the process for our clients who are placing public sector work showing clearly that we are certified appropriately.

Jason Clough, MD, feels this demonstrates Propack’s commitment to and expertise in keeping to the highest level of data security standards. He says: “We have worked hard, in the lead up to GDPR, to implement processes that guard against the most common cyber threats. Our work with local government contracts involves handling sensitive and personal information and the award reinforces our determination across the company to ensure that we are operating at the highest level of cyber and information security for the benefit of our customers.”

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