100% Compostable Alternative to Polywrap!

Manufactured from potato starch the wrap breaks down completely in a home composting bin – with a little help from recipients!

We’ve been offering compostable magazine wrap to our customers for some time, but over the past few months we’ve seen demand steadily increasing! We wanted to share these lovely Scenic UK examples here, as they were pioneers and one of our first clients to convert to this more environmentally considerate option.

Manufactured from renewable vegetable resources, this wrap is 100% compostable. It can be disposed of in your compost bin or garden compost heap, and will typically degrade into just water, carbon and biomass within 6 months (although thicker wraps may take a little longer). We always encourage our customers to include an acknowledgement of the ‘Compostable Wrap’ on or in their pack, with guidance for recipients on how to compost it effectively.

We find it performs just as well as traditional polywrap during production. it’s ideal for magazines, brochures and catalogues and you can still see your design through the wrap as you can see in the pictures. The slightly milky appearance is being seen by some of our customers as a badge of honour, communicating to their customers that they’re doing their bit to reduce single use plastics.