Raising the issues of youth homelessness with Centrepoint

Propack were commissioned by Centrepoint to help them produce an engaging resource to help increase awareness and open up conversations on the subject

One member of the dedicated team of fundraisers at Centrepoint – and our client – had the idea of creating a board game to highlight the issues of homelessness. His objective was to open up conversations and discussions with the professionals who deal with homeless young people day to day – opening a window onto the trips and pitfalls around every corner for someone without a permanent safe place to call home.

…and that’s where Propack got involved!

Centrepoint was founded in 1969, and ever since then its staff and volunteers have committed themselves to helping homeless people between the ages of 16-25, providing them with the resources necessary to get back on track and live independently. The problem is that much of youth homelessness is hidden. Youth homelessness is complex and a different experience for every young person that Centrepoint supports.

As a Fundraising Manager, our client was expert at developing fundraising packs and direct mail appeals. However producing a board game was quite a different challenge. Luckily for him Propack is ready for any new challenge and we looked into the best and most cost-effective print and production options whilst his team developed the game and its content.

Combining a range of varying print approaches from the game board, to the packaging and inserts for ‘how to play’ and with the need to keep to a strict budget, the game took shape and the finished items were delivered to great admiration from all!

The end result is a quality product, with engaging graphics and a thoroughly professional finish. Feedback from Centrepoint reflected that:

“This is a massive thank you for helping me achieve my dream of creating a board game. It has impressed across the organisation and it was a tough task on my own. Your impact was the defining difference in getting it created and produced within budget and to a professional standard. With great thanks and appreciation.”

We keep a sample copy to show to visitors to our Huddersfield offices and it never fails to educate, reveal and to initiate conversations about how lucky we are to have a place called home.