Additional five figure investment strengthens our green commitments

As part of our on-going mission to become the most eco-friendly marcomms company in the UK, we are delighted to announce our recent five figure investment. Our Argos F400 UV coating machine provides an excellent alternative solution to using plastic laminate film on printed products.

This investment will see an enormous reduction in non-biodegradable plastic waste from our products. Our forecasts indicate that over the next year we will reduce our plastic usage by 8 tons – roughly the weight of two elephants!

Our UV coater offers a completely plastic free solution. Instead of lamination, the UV coater provides a very thin layer of non-harmful liquid varnish to protect and enhance the printed sheet. The alternative solution still offers the same high-quality finish as traditional laminate, whilst enhancing the print in an environmentally friendly way. Additionally, Argos Solutions’ cutting-edge light source technology avoids heating up the media. This cold UV process requires no warm up time and results in significantly reduced energy usage and zero wasted print.

This technology can also help to meet Royal Mail’s strict Sustainable mail criteria. Previous mailings using plastic laminate film simply would not qualify. Our customers can now have the best of both worlds.

We are able to achieve a wide range of finishes including HD Gloss, matt and soft touch. Printed media can now be significantly enhanced without the environmental impacts associated with traditional laminate. UV coating is particularly advantageous for a high gloss and vibrant finish, ideal for photographic images.

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