A simple act of thanks

Saying thank you is a simple yet highly effective way of growing relationships and building loyalty with clients, supporters or staff. Despite being so simple it is often overlooked.

For businesses and charities saying thank you can have a profound effect on revenue. Highlighted by a study into the ROI of Gratefulness, it was identified that those who were personally thanked were 38 percent more likely to give another donation.

Direct Mail is an extremely powerful method of delivering a Thank you message. There is an increased likelihood that the message will be read and it is considered more sincere due to the perceived and actual time, effort and cost that has gone into it.

At Propack, we put the ‘simple’ back into saying thank you. We have all the tools in place and an expert team to guide you through the process and grow your ideas.

Here’s some of our top tips for creating an effective thank you mailing:

Be creative

Think about quirky formats; die cutting, tip ons and special effects

Use personalisation

Greet your recipient by name, be specific, include as much personalisation as possible.

Don’t overthink it

Just be authentic.

Talk to us about how we can develop a thank you program for you. Our development team can even automate the process as a triggered campaign.

Please see above and below recent examples of innovative Thank you card mailings we’ve produced for Charity Donors and Frontline staff.